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Thanksgiving is often synonymous with Fall because it celebrates the harvest bounty of the season. And due to the similarity of decorations for Thanksgiving and Fall we include both here.

We personally decorate for Fall at the end of September and keep the pumpkins, the scarecrow, etc. untill the end of November. We add Halloween items at the end of October and exchange them later with Thanksgiving ones.

There are many ways to decorate in the Fall but we always choose those that require minimal work. During the day our garage door magnets take center stage, while in the evening the flood lights bring the house to life.

After researching various decorating ideas we chose the ones that are both easy to implement and still look great. We hope you find them appealing as well.

Here is our list of the best easy Thanksgiving and Fall decoration ideas.  We also include links to specific products on Amazon to illustrate them. We are happy to help you make your search easy.

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1. Thanksgiving and Fall lighted window decorations

We see lighted window decorations occasionally in local stores but they are mostly for Christmas. It is best to buy them locally but when this is not an option Amazon offers a few choices.

You can check the most current Thanksgiving lighted window decorations.

2. Flood lights

We like using flood lights because they are very easy to set up and with a change of a bulb are suitable for every season. In the Fall they are great for accentuating the scarecrow and the pumpkins. We use orange (amber) bulbs for Fall and Thanksgiving.

We have cheep green stakes for the flood lights. We buy them from the local garden center or Home Depot. We have tried two different types but they were of similar quality. Although not the most durable merchandise, the stakes have the advantage of being cheep and easily replaceable.

In addition to the incandescent bulbs, there are halogen and compact fluorescent bulbs in various colors. We have tried only the incandescent ones and are happy with them.

3. Thanksgiving and Fall garage door magnets

These magnets are great if you have metal garage doors. They are just a few of the many garage door magnets offered by Collections Etc.

These magnets are of very good quality with full magnetic backing. They do not interfere with opening and closing of garage doors.

Be careful with other sources of garage magnets because some of them require gluing magnets on the back of the decorations, while others marketed as garage door magnets are actually decals.

4. Thanksgiving and Fall dishwasher magnetic covers

Dressing the dishwasher is probably the easiest and clutter free decoration method in the kitchen.

Some of the dishwasher art covers come in two sizes, while others are offered in one size only. They have magnetic backing all throughout and hold very well. We like them because they brighten up the kitchen.

If you like the idea of dishwasher covers there are many generic ones in addition to the seasonal.

5. Thanksgiving and Fall mailbox covers

There are many adorable mailbox covers for Thanksgiving and Fall. They come in two styles. The ones labeled as MailWrap (or just Wrap) attach securely with a strong magnetic strip along each side of the cover. The ones listed as Magnetic are usually with full magnetic backing. If you have a preference make sure your read the descriptions. Also pay attention to the sizing as some covers are made for oversized mailboxes.

We list a few here to get you started. Matching garden flags are sold for some of the covers as well.

See more Thanksgiving mailbox covers.

There are also seasonal individual magnets for each side of the mailbox if you prefer that.

6. Thanksgiving and Fall garden stakes and spinners

Garden stakes are often available in local craft stores like Michaels. The wind spinners and these cute feather flags are only found online.

The spinners are made out of durable UV resistant nylon and are fairly large. There are many more bicycle garden spinners, both generic and seasonal.

7. Thanksgiving and Fall Windsocks

The 3D windsocks are 28″ long. While they are not huge, they are large enough to be noticed. They are made of weather resistant polyester fabric and are perfect for hanging under porches.

There are also other seasonal 3D windsocks.

Happy decorating!

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