How to Motivate Your Child to Lose Weight

It is possible to motivate a child to lose weight. All you need to do is educate them about the toxic effects of sugar and give them a powerful number. Then watch how they begin to read every label to check if the sugar content is more than that number.


The Best Credit Card

Most teenagers can’t wait for the time when they will be able to drive and have their own credit card. Both are symbols of freedom and independence. Unfortunately, just as driving is inherently dangerous, owning a credit card holds certain risks.


How to Really Get Rich: A Multi-Generational Path to Success

Many people share the misconception that is possible to get rich fast. Reality proves different but there is a clear path to financial success that one needs to follow.


How much money can you make on Amazon Mechanical Turk in a month

Everyone considering working on Amazon Mechanical Turk wants to know how much they can make from it in their first month. In order to find out one of us worked on MTurk for a month. Here we proudly report the earnings of an average turker from their first month on the Mechanical Turk.


Installing scripts and browser extensions for Amazon Mechanical Turk

You probably have read that in order to maximize your earnings and minimize the time actually searching for well paying HITs you need to utilize the search options on MTurk and install browser extensions and scripts. In this article you will find instructions on how to optimize your search on Amazon Mechanical Turk, as well as how to install some very useful browser extensions and scripts.


How to eat less sugar: Desserts with low amount of sugar

We are surrounded by sugar. It is everywhere: in the tomato sauce and the pizza, in the cereal and the bread, and most obviously in every single dessert. This ubiquity makes it difficult even for sugar purists to avoid sugar completely. But if your goal is sugar reduction and not complete elimination then you are bound to succeed.


Low sugar cookies and cakes recipes

We have a few recipes for desserts with low amount of sugar. It is not easy to find such recipes on the web so we felt we need to share ours. Most of these recipes had standard amounts of sugar originally but we tweaked them. If a recipe has room for further sugar reduction we point this out explicitly in the tips section.


Planning a Successful Vacation

Have you ever gone on a trip forgetting something that you missed and needed to replace? Have you been on vacation to a beautiful place only to find out when you come back that you haven’t visited something prominent in that area simply because you didn’t know about it?


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