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We are a couple of parents who like efficiency and organization. One cannot be efficient without being organized so organization is really the key to sanity in today’s busy world. Life is so much easier when you have designated places for everything. You just always know where to find your stuff at home.

But being organized is more than keeping your possessions in order. With us, organization spills into everything we do. For example, we plan vacations in detail to the point of writing down what we will be doing each day. We even plan where we will eat. This may seem like a sure way to kill the spontaneity of a trip but is a necessity when traveling with picky kids. Planning ahead in detail also gives us time to explore a location in depth and not miss interesting spots.

The idea about this site emerged after searching for birthday party supplies on Amazon. We just had trouble finding what we needed. It was there but listed under different keywords so it took some searching. We thought that there must be a place where all these things are listed in one page but we did not find anything like it. We did find other merchants’ sites that had everything nicely organized but we wanted to buy from Amazon. This prime thing they have is a really clever idea. That’s how we decided that we need to make a site listing themed party products with links to Amazon*. Then we wanted to include more organization stuff and added our holiday decor ideas, home organization ideas, and so on. We will keep adding anything that we think may be of use to other people so bookmark us if you find our site helpful. Also, feel free to leave us a comment.

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* Note: We do not sell the products, we simply review them and list them here with links to Amazon. But if you happen to make a purchase on Amazon through one of our links we will earn a small commission (4%). If you like to support us you can bookmark our affiliate link.

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